They have been unleashed!
Two years ago sound wizard Andrea Stefl, and visual master Rinny Wilson came up with a crazy idea, 'let's make a short film.' A couple of rather strong lattes later, they came up with Hill of the Hapersnoks. This is the story of Beatrice Outbridge of Sallowberry Hill, the main charater of a novel in progress. Early on, she meets these sneaky little critters called Hapersnoks. They are supposed to helping the author in writing the story, but instead decide to cause trouble for everyone! Film was written & directed by Rinny Wilson (who also did the editorial and compositing work), Andrea Stefl acted as First AD and all things audio, the animation was done by our friends at Studio Flatland, and the musical score was written by our very own Carlos Chafin. This film took two years, and a lot of hard work from some really awesome people. So sit back and enjoy Hill of the Hapersnoks!