The Spring 2015 semester has begun here at In Your Ear! Our two popular audio classes, Listen and Capture, and Sound Manipulation are now underway. For those who may not know, we have been teaching the first class in conjunction with the VCU School of the Arts for eight years now and the advanced class "Sound Manuipulation" for three years. Listen and Capture is the first part and covers proper acoustics, microphone types and techniques, audio physics, audio history, software used in recording and editing, and computers and computer accessories. The second course, Sound Manipulation, focuses on the start to finish process of recording a singer songwriter and then a full band. The students are expected to set up for the recording sessions, run the equipment, do the mixing, and exploring economic, marketing and distribution options for the final product. The final "exam" for this class is to individually mix the project and share the results with the artist(s) and class for a open critique. Last semester, one of our student's mixes was chosen by the artist for the final release version! If you're interested in these classes for the future, click on over to our classes page to learn more about developing your music production skills.