I woke up this morning
The breeze blowing across my face
I just had to look up above and thank somebody for this place 
Because He must have been have been thinking 'bout me when 
He planted that very first dogwood tree 
It's where I want to be living in the sweet Virginia breeze

Sweet Virginia Breeze became the official popular state song of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Written by Robbin Thompson and Steve Bassett, the song was created in 1977 on the front porch of Robbin's Floyd Ave. Richmond home.  Recorded at Alpha Audio and produced by Ken Brown, the original version was engineered by Joe Horner and Carlos Chafin. The song became an instant regional hit record launching both artists careers.  Robbin who's is the co-founder of In Your Ear and one of Virginia's best known singer-songwriters has always felt that if "The Breeze" became the state song, it would do so because the people of Virginia wanted it to be.  It appears the people have been heard. Congratulations to Steve and Robbin on a great song and a wonderful accomplishment and to State Senator Walter Stosch for carrying the bill to passage.  

Everything will be all right! Livin' in the Sweet Virginia Breeze.