In Your Ear News Spring 2013

Original Music is the Frosting On The Cake . . . really

The past few months, we've been very busy composing and producing music for clients such as The Martin Agency for Cool Whip Frosting, Peter Mayer and Associates for CenturyLink, Boone Oakley for Bojangles Chicken and Biscuits, Adworks for Total Wine, Eric Mower Associates for FATZ Restaurants, MDB+ for The DC Lottery, and Big River Advertising for the The VA Lottery. We are really proud of this recent work and would love to have you check it out. Just click here to see the spots and more importantly hear those tunes.

The Shockoe Summer Sessions Advanced Recording Camp 2013

Last year we debuted the Shockoe Summer Sessions, an Advanced Recording Camp for high school juniors, seniors, and recent grads. To hear some samples from last years camp, visit our Sound Cloud Page. It was so much fun, we're doing it again! Saturday, June 22nd we'll kick things off with our Shockoe Summer Sessions Battle of the Bands contest at Sam Ash Music! From 12-4pm, artists from the genres of Pop (including Rock, Country, Hip-hop, or Electronic), and Fusion/Experimental will be competing for the grand prize, a two week recording session for one of our camp sessions in In Your Ear's Studio A. Then starting July 8th we begin the first of our two camp sessions. The Shockoe Summer Sessions are two week project camps focusing on the production of three to five songs for each of the winning bands. The student participants will learn microphones and micing techniques, production tips, use of music software such as Pro Tools and much more. The costs for participation is $850 (which includes lunch) and the sessions will last from 10am to 4pm, Monday through Friday for two weeks. The first session on Pop music will be overseen by engineer/producer Michael Congdon whose credits include Chris Brown's album F.A.M.E. which won a grammy for best R&B album of 2011. The second sessions focusing on Experimental music will be lead by and Samson Trinh, music director for the SPARC Jason Marz production at the Carpenter Center and leader of the Upper East Side Big Band. The result eventually be a commercially available album for each artist. Our participants will make connections and gain experience they will never forget and will be something truely unique on a college resume. Students should submit their application early to secure a slot in one of our two Shockoe Summer Sessions. Music style requests and two week time slots are available on a first come first serve basis. To sign up please visit the Shockoe Summer Sessions page.

Everwilde Releases their Debut Album!

Further Down The Line is the debut album from Virginia's strongest new country rock band. Great songwriting and production will have you waiting to hear more from these talented gentlemen. Get your copy of Further Down The Line from the IYE Store, then do yourself a favor and go see Everwilde live! To learn more about the band and where they'll be playing next, click on over to their site.

Mastering Cubase 7

Two years ago, In Your Ear introduced a 13 lesson series on using the powerful music creation software Cubase. We've learned a lot about personal instruction techniques and have upgraded the series to be longer, more in-depth, and highly interactive. Mastering Cubase 7 is a 13 lesson course taught by In Your Ear's star recording engineer Andrea Stefl. The course was written and produced by Carlos Chafin and Ms. Stefl, covers everything from launching the program to mastering the skills needed to fully utilize this deep and incredible program. Mastering Cubase 7 is unlike any tutorial series on the market because each lesson is embedded in a actual Cubase project. Included are full mix projects, exercises to reinforce editing and mixing techniques, tempo and pitch correction, and much more. Welcome to the most comprehensive and friendly Cubase course available at any price! Click to learn more and purchase the course from the In Your Ear online store.

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